Hello, my name’s Thea. I’m an energetic, lover of cooking who enjoys exploring Melbourne’s café and health food scene, going to Farmer’s markets, sitting in coffee shops reading the paper and getting sweaty in the gym!

My first memories of cooking are in the kitchen with my grandmother teaching me how to bake all of the beloved traditional goodies – think apple lattice slices, sponge cakes, jam drops and chocolate mud cakes. Since my early years, my love of simple, wholesome food has continued to grow and mature.

TKW was founded in 2016 after recognising an opportunity to coach people back into the kitchen with real food. The joy I get seeing people feel empowered in the heart of the home (the kitchen) is so SO special to me. I absolutely believe every single person can learn to enjoy cooking and maybe even fall in love with it and how the food they cook makes them feel.

Four quick facts about me:

  • I have an undergraduate degree in Marketing & Business Communication.
  • I hold my Cert 3 in Personal Training.
  • I grew up in Townsville, North Queensland, and have been living in Melbourne for just over two years.
  • I bake almost every day. Not cook, bake! You can imagine the amount of treats my beloved husband has at his disposal!

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