Meet the Faces behind The Kitchen Whizz

Meet the Faces behind The Kitchen Whizz

If you’re new to The Kitchen Whizz you may not know much about us – Thea and Min. We are the faces behind The Kitchen Whizz, which was started in 2016 after recognizing an opportunity to empower, educate and inspire people back into the kitchen.

We met when we both worked for The Natural Nutritionist and fast became friends whilst developing recipes and having fun together in the kitchen. With both having a passion for experimenting in the kitchen, baking for loved ones and talking all things food, it was an instant strong connection.

You can read more about Thea and Min here but today we thought we give you a little more insight into us with a Q&A session!!

What’s a typical day on your plate?

Thea: My days are usually pretty routine in terms of what I like to eat and drink. However, I do love a change of routine on the weekends and really love treating myself to a Brunch out and my new found love, frozen natural ice cream shop, Goje (weekly).

I wake between 5am and 5:30am most mornings and start my day reading and journalling for 30 minutes. If I’m off for a run, I’ll make myself a bulletproof coff, otherwise if I’m headed to the gym for Strength, I’ll munch a banana with almond butter and stop by one of my favourite cafes and get a long black with dash of hot almond milk and head to the gym. I love starting my mornings with exercise, it gives me energy, focus and sets me up for my day. I’m a firm believer in morning routines.

Breakfast: I eat around 8am once I’m home from gym – my go to Breakfast is usually a smoothie made with banana/berries, avocado, nut butter, protein and some greens. A smoothie made with those ingredients is my favourite thing to eat in the world, I’m not even joking. No haters please!!!! haha – who wouldn’t want to eat ice cream for Breakfast? If I’m in the mood for a cooked and more warming Breakfast, I’ll opt for 3 scrambled eggs with avocado, greens and throw in some cooked sweet potato or a slice or two of gluten free bread post training.

Lunch: Breakfast keeps me full until around 1-2pm when I’ll have my eggs and greens (if I haven’t already had them for Breakfast). If I’ve had my eggs, hopefully I have some left over slow cooked lamb that I can throw into a pan and pan fry with some pre-roasted veg and of course, 1/2 an avocado! After meeting Min, I became addicted to slow cooked lamb, and yes, it’s truly an addiction. If I’m home, I might even make myself an avocado smoothie bowl. So filling.

Snack: If I need a snack in the afternoon, I absolutely love a handful of Paleo Hero Granola, one of Jess Cox’s Sugar Free Cookie Dough Balls that I make and keep in the freezer, 1 – 2 tablespoons of almond butter with a carrot, or hummus and a carrot.

Dinner: Dinner is had at around 6 or 7pm, depending if I’ve worked a late shift. My husband and I love cooking together, so I’ll usually roast a tray of vegetables while he throws some meat on the BBQ, whip up a Chilli, Ginger & Chicken Stir Fry, or sauté some greens to have with a meal that’s been slow cooking all day. I can’t go past a Satay Chicken or a Lamb Curry.

Min: No one day is the same and I do like to mix it up as much as possible even though essentially it is all about having an abundance of vegies on my plate with quality protein, good fats and starchy carbs.

Everyone in the family has a cooked breakfast so I also make sure I take the time to make myself a nourishing start to the day. More often than not I will sauté’ some vegies in coconut oil and serve alongside leftover slow cooked lamb, bacon or a couple of egg. I will usually add a tablespoon of cashew cheese or homemade hummus to it as well.

Lunch will vary but if I’ve had a cooked breakfast it will keep me full until close to 2pm when I will simply have a smoothie (stay tuned for my favourite smoothie recipe), homemade granola with coconut yoghurt and blueberries or I will cook myself salmon with zucchini noodles, broccoli, spinach and pesto. If I have opted for a smoothie for breakfast lunch will always be a hearty salad with protein such as chicken or boiled eggs. At the moment I can’t get enough of Steph Werne’s Haloumi Salad with Quinoa. She had me at haloumi!

Our dinners are usually the smallest meal of the day. Previously I would have some starchy carb in the evening but now I will have that with breakfast and/or lunch. Dinners are simply a case of us having meat which my husband has grilled on the Weber served with a simple salad. The boys will always opt for a plate of vegies with their protein. I will mix it up a couple nights a week with a new recipe or two. At least once a week we have a lamb shoulder which has roasted slowly in the oven for up to ten hours! It would have to be my most favourite meal to have!

What are four ingredients that are always on your shopping list?

Thea: Four ingredients that find their way into are avocados, spinach, kale and broccoli.

Min: Without fail each week we have eggs, rocket, broccoli and blueberries – oh and of course the lamb shoulder!

Coffee or tea drinker?

Thea: I adore coffee, and try and stick to one a day, in the morning. A couple of times a week I’ll go to my fave cafe and grab an almond cap or an almond chai made on housemade almond milk. Combi Cafe, Littlesunflower cafe and Willow Urban Retreat have delicious almond milk.

Min: Would you believe that I only started drinking coffee about four years ago?! We bought a fancy coffee machine and I thought I’d better get use out of it! I like it simple – short black – and have two a day. When it comes to tea I can’t go past Peppermint which I have most days!

What’s your go-to-snack?

Thea: My go-to- snack is a carrot with almond butter if I haven’t made any hummus, or if I’m near a Coles, I’ll pick up some Pilpel Hummus to have with a carrot.

Min: My go-to-snack is a medjool date stuffed with macadamias or 2-3 Changing Habits Cacao Melts!

Interested in joining us for our next Seasonal Class? A cooking class held in an intimate environment allowing the opportunity to not only learn and enjoy a three course meal but to also create connection with others around the dining table. Our Sensational Spring Class will be held on Saturday November 10th in Diamond Creek from 12 – 2:30pm. Limited seats available, book yours here.

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