Our Top Three Tips for Cleaning out your Pantry

Our Top Three Tips for Cleaning out your Pantry

Having a well-stocked pantry means you have ingredients on hand to whip up a nutritious meal quickly and without fuss. Buying pantry items which you use on a regular basis in bulk will save you money in the long term and saves you running to the supermarket and buying more than you need.

In order to prep your pantry for success, it is important to first spend time cleaning out your pantry. Our top three tips for cleaning out the pantry are:

  1. Be Ruthless. Starting afresh means clearing out the nasties! Any packaged or processed foods which contain an abundance of refined ingredients need to go in the bin. Simply check the label and if there is anything on the ingredients list you don’t recognize, including refined oils, preservatives and food acids, toss it (or give it away).
  2. Re-stock with a focus on whole foods. Re-stock your pantry with ingredients that will make preparing healthy, nutrient-dense meals as easy as possible. These are ingredients which have minimal human interference and retain the highest quality of nutrients. When it comes to pantry items, take note of ingredients which you will be using frequently and buy these staple items in bulk to save you money. To save overwhelm it is important to re-stock your pantry on a ‘need be’ basis; as a recipe calls for an ingredient, stock it. Before you know it you will have a re-stocked pantry of items you use on a regular basis.
  3. Store everyday items front and centre. Store dry goods in glass jars or airtight containers (BPA free, of course) to help maintain the shelf life and avoid spoilage. Items which you use frequently should be placed at eye level so that when you walk into the pantry needing an ingredient for your favourite meal you can easily find it and not be distracted by other ingredients. Alternatively use different size jars for different items i.e. one size for all nuts and seeds, another for flours etc.

If you’re starting your real food journey, or perhaps you need to organise your pantry to better support your lifestyle, our 60 minute pantry makeover is for you. Taking place in the comfort of your own home, we will help your makeover your pantry so that it optimises your time in the kitchen. We will also provide you with a number of real food hacks. Head to our store to book your session in.

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