Tips & Tricks for a Real Food Kitchen

Tips & Tricks for a Real Food Kitchen

Here at The Kitchen Whizz it is our mission to empower, educate and inspire people back into the kitchen with real food.

Today we read so many articles about what we should and shouldn’t be doing; latest food fads and diets. It is overwhelming…confusing and can often be extreme. Since when did food become an all-consuming pastime and so bloody hard?

Some of the best memories are created around the kitchen table but over the past few decades we have fallen out of love with cooking real food for both ourselves and others.

Perhaps we’ve become too busy to think about what to put on the table? Or perhaps the reality cooking shows have scarred us rather than inspired us?

We truly believe that real food is not as hard as what we think it is. If you look at what we eat most days you would be surprised to see that it is as simple as a serve of protein, an abundance of seasonal vegies and a serve or two of healthy fats such as avocado, coconut or olive oils, ghee or butter, nuts and seeds.

Taking a simple approach is our number one piece of advice, here are our other top tips and tricks to get you started for a real food kitchen:

Eat Seasonally

Eating seasonal, local, organic (it is your choice) and whole is a really good approach to eating healthy. You only have to visit your local farmers market to see this approach at work.

Just like the seasons change, so do our palates. Eating seasonally not only keeps the cost down but means you are eating a variety of foods which support your nutrient requirements. There is no accident that in Winter we have an abundance of citrus fruits available, a time of year when we are more likely to be struck down with a cold. Or that berries are more available in summer, providing a natural source of energy.

Make the Time to get Organised!

One of the biggest roadblocks for not eating properly is a lack of planning. When you are running late or working long hours or spending your time driving the kids here, there and everywhere, the last thing you want to do is to walk in the door and prepare a good meal.

It sounds simple, but if you make something the night before, utilise a slow cooker or have the freezer stocked – it will go a long way to helping you avoid the take-away options.

Spend some time each week planning out your meals and snacks and then include an Hour of Power into your weekend or week, by prepping some of the following:

  • roasted vegetables
  • boiled eggs
  • frittata
  • bolognese sauce packed full of vegies
  • chopped vegies
  • overnight oats and chia puddings

Make your Pantry Over

Having a well-stocked pantry means you have ingredients on hand to whip up a nutritious meal quickly and without fuss. Clear your pantry of items you don’t use and buy pantry items which you use on a regular basis. Buying these items in bulk will save you money in the long term and saves you running to the supermarket and buying more than you need. Ensuring your pantry is stocked with ingredients that will make preparing healthy, nutrient-dense meals as easy as possible. 

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